Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

A Few Fun School Projects

One of the best things we ever did this year was to switch to Apologia science.  Wow! Is an understatement.  The whole approach is different. Instead of blasting kids with little bits of info on a ton of topics for half of the year, they dig deep and spend the whole year on a specific area of study.  Olivia studied Creation with Botany.  She used to dread science, but this year she did it all on her own with no prompting.  She now loves science. 

One of the experiments she had to do was to build a light hut out of a cardboard box.  This was one of the first experiments.  Then as the plants grew, the experiments dealt with her growing plants! So much fun.  She made it entirely by herself! First she lined the box with foil. Then cut a hole in the top, cut a hole in a yogurt lid, then put in a light bulb.

From her plants, she's made soaps, pressed flowers, dissected flowers, studied different types of leaves and seeds.... the list goes on and on. It's so neat how the experiments all build on each other, linking all the information studied.  It was so much fun.  These plants all started from seed just a few weeks ago! They are going into our garden. Yummmm.

Who knew school could be so much fun!

Oh, some "fun" things her and Lauren also grew in the light hut were these cute sock grass people!  They filled socks up with soil then sprinkled grass seed on top of the socks and watered.  In a couple of weeks they had hair! In this picture, the girls trimmed their "hair" into wild styles for fun.  Silly girls.

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