Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Lots of Lilies - Pittsford Garden Tour

Well this is a collage of many of the different kinds of day lilies that I photographed on the tour.  The weather could not have been nicer although there was so much sunshine a few of the shots were just plain overexposed!

As you can see, there was a very wide variety of day lilies which are some of my favorite flowers and I am sure there is a second lily quilt in here somewhere!

I thought this was one of the more unusual colors.  Just looks like someone took a watercolor brush to it!  These lilies were mostly in one of the participant's gardens although almost every one of the 9 gardens had one or two varieties.

I particularly liked the orange and yellow varieties of this double lily.

I loved the lines on these leaves.  At another house, they had the same type but it had green, purple and pink veins.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn't good enough for a great picture of those.

Two of the gardens had small ponds with water lilies, another of my favorites.

This was an acantha which I was not familiar with but really liked!

I think I finally have the space problem licked (until Blogger engineers in their infinite wisdom install another update without telling anyone and without any testing....).  I use Chrome  but this time with the Updated Blogger Editor (check on Settings in Blogger) and I always put a carriage return after I do the text next to the picture.  If you don't add this carriage return, things become all flummoxed again.  This one went rather smoothly!  Also you have to remember to add all your pictures at once using the Upload feature on pictures but deselect all the pictures you don't want immediately.  I add the pictures to the blog one at a time after they have been uploaded and it has gone smoothly....  I will have to see if I can do this in IE8 as well....I found that I could use the "new editor" with IE8 while the old editor does not work at all with that version of Explorer.

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